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What does it mean to sponsor a horse?

    At the Bridge Between Horse Sanctuary, we work hard to give each horse what they need, but horses are quite expensive to care for. In recent months, the cost of one bag of a basic horse feed has risen dramatically from $10 to $20. 

With 17 mouths to feed, this quickly adds up. If you like to know exactly what your donations are going toward, our sponsor a horse program might be the perfect fit for you.

     We have broken down the cost of taking care of a horse to allow you to choose exactly how you want to help. We are very grateful for our sponsors and will send a monthly newsletter with pictures and an update on their chosen horse to long-term donors. We also love to recognize sponsors on the website.

     If you’re interested in this program, please fill out the form below!



  • Grain - $57 per month OR $14 per week

  • Hay - $53 per month OR $13 per week


Basic trim: $60 per month

Vet Care

Vet Care:

  • Annual Exam - $79

  • Coggins - $59

  • Dental Care - $188 per year

  • Deworming - $32 per year


  • Halters - $15

  • Lead ropes - $15

  • Grooming supplies - $30

  • Buckets - $10

Sponsorship Form:

We appreciate you!

Our Horses

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