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Like most little girls, Petal Sorocaniuc loved horses but was never able to have one growing up. As an adult, she owned two horses, Chance and Milton, but didn't have any thoughts towards starting a horse sanctuary. Petal's first rescue horse Misty was found by a woman working for FedEx in 2009. She had seen a very underweight horse on her route and out of concern, she talked to one of Petal's friends, who, knowing that Petal had some land and two horses, put the FedEx woman in contact with Petal. Petal agreed to take in Misty, and after that, the calls kept coming with neglected or abused horses that needed homes; and soon the Bridge Between had started. Today, the Bridge Between cares for 16 rescued horses and a mule. 

Ponies in the Park.jpg
Ponies in the Park.jpg

Short Term Goals:

We are working towards building a 9 stall barn for the horses. Please join us in gathering all funds and materials needed for this project. Mud is an issue many horse owners face, especially in the winter, and we would like to see these horses be able to get out of it for once. With the horses out of the paddocks, we can finally start letting the grass grow out, creating a more enjoyable space for the horses when let out of their stalls. Any help that can be offered with this project will be greatly appreciated. Whether you wish to donate your time, money or materials, we will accept it graciously.


Long Term Goals:

The Bridge Between exists to help others. We help horses in need, and then we use those horses to help others. We would love to start up some programs, possibly helping survivors of sex-trafficking, prostitution, drugs, and army veterans. The manager of the sanctuary, Petal, has done foster care in the past, mostly with teenage girls. These horses helped those girls to have a sense of responsibility in taking care of them and helped the girls to feel more loved as they formed connections with these loving animals. These horses could once again make a huge difference in many people's lives.  



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